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Architectural color services

Architectural Color Consulting

I know that color is a very personal thing.  We all respond to our environments, and the colors in our homes and workspaces can make a real difference in how they feel to us and in our enjoyment of them.

I like to make selecting color schemes and finishes an enjoyable experience.  I do this by taking careful consideration of my clients' color preferences, their decorating style, and the type of architecture.  From these I work with the client to create their own custom paint color scheme. In addition to consulting on paint colors, I also can advise on other materials and finishes, and room layout. Please take a look at my portfolio of interior and exterior color consulting projects.

Color Choice is Personal

Some people like bright, vivid color schemes, others like subtle, muted tones. Some people like darker paint colors, others light.  As a color expert I've helped clients with all of these color preferences.

It is also important that interior colors flow from room to room, and ideally, coordinate with the exterior building colors as well.  I consider the whole house ... or commercial space ... rather than just one room at a time.  The colors, materials and finishes should all coordinate well for the best effect.

For stores, offices and other commercial properties, I incorporate color to fit the type of business the client is in.

The Color Consultation Process

To begin the initial appointment, I like to walk through the whole house or business to get a sense of the flow, lighting, and the style of furnishings and materials used.

Next, I ask questions to help clarify the client's desires.

Residential clients – I find out what colors resonate with them, if they have a style they are interested in, and any other questions I feel will give me a better understanding of my client's desires.

Businesses clients – I clarify what type of business it is. If they have any marketing material depicting what they are about, I like to see that.

With Color Chips in Hand

With a paint color fan deck and color chips in hand I go through room to room choosing colors I feel will work well. When I am finished, I discuss the color and finish options for each room with the client.

When the client approves the color selections, I record everything on a color spec sheet. This describes in detail what colors and finishes to use, and where. I give one copy goes to the client and keep the other on file for five years.

If the client is hiring a painter, I recommend making a copy for the painter and keeping the original in a safe place. I can also recommend painters if the client needs one.